Nerheim offers rich, experiential life skills

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Connection to an animal

Why is this important? This connection will be the first building block in learning about responsibility, and more importantly, about unconditional love and trust. Caring for another living being forms a powerful ministry between a child and an animal.

Classroom and outside education

Individualized assessments are performed to determine where each child may need specific help in their educational process. Not everyone learns the same, nor or all 15 year olds reading at a 9th grade reading level. To be successful, we need to start where they are, and build those blocks up for future success. No judgement, just supportive guidance. 

  • Top-rated curriculum for teaching at every scholastic level. Alpha & Omega Publications will be used because it offers state-of-the-art diagnostic tools which gives the most individualized learning experience possible.
  • Coaching to teach real-life skills such as money management, housework/chores, and cooking.
  • Experience-based learning such as animal care, meal preparation, nature exploration, planting/nurturing/harvesting crops for food, and canning/food storage for winter months. In addition, hands-on training in specialized areas such as agriculture, equine therapy, or assisting in running camping activities and/or tours.
  • Off campus activities such as sports, music classes, working for a local business, or volunteering.
  • Participation with a College Possible counselor when entrance to further education is desired.
  • Grants and scholarships through Nerheim affiliates to assist kids in paying for college.

Individualized trauma–based therapy

Working with the best in the industry, the kids will be able to start the healing process, mending the brokenness that hurts, and making new beginnings possible. Therapy can be held either on site, or off site at a local clinic.

Homemade meals every day!

We will eat as a family every morning and night at the dining room table. Balanced meals will be prepared, with dietary restrictions adhered to (ie: gluten free, fructose free), and healthy snacks available throughout the day. Fresh bakery items will be made almost every day.

a Loving, caring forever family

Based on the Hosea story in the Bible, a child will never be asked to leave because of unwanted behavior. Rather they will be loved through the behavior and out to a better solution.

  • Boundaries and regulations will be upheld so everyone is held to the same standards of love and compassion, guidance and respect.
  • Stability is the key to our forever family.  Having a constant place to forever call home will benefit the children beyond words.