About the Founder

Julie Erlandson has known for years that she was blessed with the gift of loving and cherishing children. What she didn’t know was that this gift would lead her on a journey of Godly proportions.

Over a decade ago, while attending law school and raising her two children (ages 10 and 13) Julie was appointed as a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) in Minneapolis.  As a GAL, Julie was appointed by the court to investigate the best interests of children who had been removed from their home, and find themselves in the court and foster care systems. This experience gave Julie a front row view of the plight of children in the foster care system. During law school, Julie felt called to adopt a baby. Going against many nay-sayers, she ventured into the foster care system and adopted her first of two children.

Now, with the support of two adult children (and her two young adoptive daughters), Julie is pursuing an even bigger calling. It is with this passion, education, and experience that God has put it on Julie’s heart to create a forever home for children lost in the foster care system.