There are many ways to give...

What TIME do you have to offer? 

Do you have time to gather people at your house to talk about Nerheim? Do you have time each week to devote to baking treats at the house? Do you have time to teach computer classes or science experiments? Do you have time once a month to help with odd jobs around the house? Do you have time once a quarter to help with fundraising or other needs?

What TALENT can you share? 

Can you teach our kids about baking? Can you show kids how to do laundry? Can you help kids balance their checkbooks? Can you help a child complete a college application? Can you lend your expertise in art or design, engineering or math?

What TREASURE can you give?

Are you able to fund one child for a month/year/lifelong? Are you able to give a substantial financial contribution? Are you able to locate/donate gifts-in-kind? (e.g, toiletries, cleaning supplies, pet food)

WHAT farm experience are you interested in?

There is a never-ending list of how you can become a valuable part of Nerheim: 

  • Farm the land
  • Plant/care for the gardens
  • Help with animal care
  • Clean the barns
  • Basic housekeeping duties
  • If you want to help – we’ll find SOMETHING for you to do!