Nerheim is so much more than a farm


Set in God’s country, nestled against the Minnesota River, is a glorious place called Nerheim. It is here on this farm where the healing begins for as many as 25 foster children. Nerheim will be their forever home. They are greeted at the driveway entrance by a beautiful mare, and the most vocal mule! The lush grounds feature gardens, fields and trails. In this simple connection with the land, and with other living, breathing creatures, trust and understanding are grown. Over time, these unspoken bonds will lead to the nurturing of not only the land and the animals, but more profoundly the children. 


These animals, along with all of the others on the farm, are ready to become companions and confidantes.


Not only will these creatures depend on the Nerheim family residents for sustenance, they promise to embrace them without judgment or disappointment. In this simple connection, with another living, breathing creature, trust and understanding are grown. Over time, this unspoken connection will begin to nurture, not only the animal, but more profoundly the child.


The big log-cabin house feels like home the minute you walk through the door.  High vaulted ceilings, big fire places, comfy sofas and chairs, and a grand dinner table where we all gather for meals together.  It speaks softly, yet confidently, “Come in, you made it home!”  We will laugh here, cry here, play games here, comfort here, and even tend to some old wounds – right here together.  The people here will not ridicule or hurt, but love and encourage.  You will never be asked to leave, no matter what.  Did you hear that? NO MATTER WHAT.  You are home, in your forever home.

         The tillable acreage may be slight, but as we plant our seeds of corn, beans, melons, berries and flowers, we will also be growing our patience, discipline, and gratitude.  With each planting season we will learn, and with every harvest we will rejoice, and give thanks as we feast on our amazing bounty.  

         The experience on the farm will be like no other.  Whether you are simply visiting, or staying as a part of the family, you will be greeted with open arms.  You will be welcomed to return whenever you need, and always and forever cherished.

         Come experience Nerheim.